i'll be writing a quick guide on how to add a page with equipement stats here for anyone who wishes to edit there own page on wiki but unsure on how to do it. Since the templates have been added by me its quite simple now really and requires very little work.

Set-up Edit

First find an item you want to add. You can do this in two ways, First is just search for an item such as "Dragon Scimitar", if the page doesnt show up you'll be able to create a new page for that item.

Second(one i personally use) is to create links from other pages. To do this you must find a vendor such as Thok, Master of Dungeoneering. then click edit in the top left of the screen. This will bring you to the edit page, Once here highlight the item you wish to create a page for and press CTRL+K(fig1). If a page on this wiki already exists with that title it will link it to that page, If not press open, and it will create a new page for that item and create links to it.



Adding the template Edit

Adding the template is very very easy. Go to the page you just created, and click edit. Once here you want to click "insert template" shown in fig2. Here you want to search for "InfoboxWeapon" (Shown in fig3.) and double click it.

This will add a pre formatted box to the page.





Adding stats Edit

To add stats to the template you've just added you need to go back into edit and click on the box, anywhere will do.

once you've click the template it will become highlighted, with a small box in the top right of the highlighted area with what looks like a jigsaw piece and "infoboxWeapon". Click infobox weapon and it will come up with a very basic input system seen in Fig4. For any RS player the input chart will be very easy to follow, just put in the attack/defensive stats of the item in (with a +/-) sign before. then just remember to save your page :)



Any questions just contact Bendybus in-game.