The Baby Icefiend is located in the snow area of the Paladin's Minigame. There are several spawns of them in the area. There is no combat level listed, but they are easy to kill if you protect from melee.

Drops Edit

Rarity Item Amount
Constant Drop Bones 1
Normal Drop Green Triangle Key 1
Normal Drop Ice Arrows 2, 3, 5
Normal Drop Choc-Ice 3, 5
Normal Drop Ice Titan Pouch 2, 3
Normal Drop Snowball 5, 7, 10
Normal Drop Blue Charm 5, 10
Normal Drop Rune Platebody (h1) 1
Normal Drop Rune Platelegs (h1) 1
Normal Drop Spinach Roll 1
Rare Drop Ice Amulet 1
Rare Drop Penguin 1