The Barrows mini game is a. It is popular due to the potential of receiving valuable rewards, including the unique Barrows equipment, it is a great stepping stone onto higher tier armours.

Barrows is a simple minigame, you must kill the 6 barrows brothers and raid their chest.

Ahrim the Blighted

Ahrim the Blighted:

The mage of the barrows brothers, very easy to kill, simply use protect against magic.

Verac the Defiled

Dharok the Wretched:

Melee brother the lower his health the higher he hits watch out! Weakness mage. Protect melee when praying

Guthan the Infested:

The healer there is a chance that he will heal when he hits you. Also a melee brother. Weakness mage

Karil the Tainted:

Ranger brother but don't think because he's a ranger he's weak. He can hit you over 10 and his bow is fast! Weakness melee. Don't forget to pray your range!

Torag the Corrupted:

Another melee brother that you can pray melee and mage. Watch out if you run out of prayer he can deliver devastating blows with them double hammer!

Verac the Defiled:

just when you thought you were safe. You come up to the plate with the melee brother that prayer does not work on. Bring food hits right threw your prayer like it's not there. Not every hit but some of them. And it will add up and quick! Mage him of course.

Ahrim the blighted:

The mage brother when going toe to toe with him I would recommend range/melee make sure you have that protect from mage active!